unwanted sicknesses

i dont know how to help myself, the pain is unending and death is my light. i regret all choices that lead me to this, take me back to 1996. "what does better look like?" you all ask me but how do i answer such question? they judge me and i need help to let go, cowardly is my only descriptor, people never listen, not even when they are paid too. fuck you all.

this is something im leaving to those who knew me

who am i?


if you care to find out


read my thoughts and emotions!

take from my writings what you will, i dont mind i know the truth

music is constant

lets listen together shall we? i simply cant think of a better way to spend our time!

gaming while downcast

lets play together, itll be so much fun!

misc! links! personal?!

like i said misc, general things that i see and wish to add to this

i want to go back