now i know this is all terrible but i guess i just write it? i dont think im good or anything its just a form of expression i guess


,,i watched him.

his chocolate eyes richer than coffee and darker than a cold winter night

soft, light golden hair

smooth like honey.

just as sweet.

skin glistening in the autumn sun, the cold winds blew

so sweet you want more,

more before it becomes sickly.

hes captivated you

a trap you cant escape, you need to leave

but each time you see him you want more."

honey-trap 2.0

,,no secrets

i watched him destroy your life

i watched you run back each and everytime.

he used you, now theres nothing behind those eyes

nothing but an empty shell.

a victim of who you once were"


,,forcing positivity never works,

forcing it for the sake of other might feel good

but we know that wont last.

the mass of negativity is growing, growing, growing

you cant take it anymore.

youre broken"

these two were from title prompts from a friend of mine, her instagram is "encapsulated_emotions"

sorrow society

,,born in a time that is not mine,

causes heart ache

cuts along my wrist and the bruises

wash the pain

wishing i could be with you

nothing but death to unite us, pull a hi-point 995 to my head

only thinking my lies, though i wish we could smile

comfort me with lullabies

pain is the only thing i feel- take me back

back to when we couldve been one

a time where i think i couldve won"


,,look at me i scream

though it only falls on deaf ears

we were never meant to be

time passing all these years

becuase i know what it feels like to be you

my love couldve stopped the pain

though my death would ensue

look at me i scream,

though i know nothing is to gain"