my dreams, they dont make sense...

like i said the dreams are a side effect of my medication

dream one: 02'19

"i was in this big place which i found out was for people who were insane, and this random guy whos name i dont remember and jacky vincent were there, so i became their friend. we went to eat dinner at the hospital place we were in, we started making this plan and the main thing was that me and jacky were related (this had a reason but it is too revealing of who i am to say) but jacky thought i was too old to be his daughter so i explained that he was like 32, so he agreed i was his daughter. then it changed and i was in school with this girl, who doesnt go to my school, and she was wearing a pink coat, her name was sangwoo. then loads of people swarmed us and were shouting about how she was the best person so i left. i heard that some people were going to start dating but i knew the boy didnt want to go out with the girl so he took me shopping and we spoke about his distane for the girls friends because they made him date her. the girls friends saw us talking and got really mad at me for talking to him, so i decided to go home. i ended up in the same building that i met jacky vincent and the other guy at, we met back up and started a science project, jacky told me i could do "the physics of the stars", but we didnt get time to finish. i was trying to catch up with my physics homework because all i did was draw boxes where writing was meant to be. someone who was helping me wouldnt let me copy because it wasnt their problem. i then met a blonde woman with a cape who told me i could leave the hospital, i asked if i could say goodbye to my friends. we went looking for them. where we were looking was very busy, like a school hallway, very loud so the woman shouted "everyone stop moving we are trying to find people!" and one small boy moved and she pushed him to the ground and shouted again. then i found my friends, i went to one of their rooms, we started to play a video game which slow morphed into reality, so a monster came into the room and i hid in a small ensuit he had, i wasnt killed, then the game reset but another girl was there, someone i knew **** so we hid and i found the trap door and let off a bomb, it exploded and my friend flew off in a weird aircraft and stole all my money even though i deserved it for killing the monster"

dream two: 29'19

"i was with my friends from school and i was saying i had the best pick up line ever, but i kept saying it wrong and everyone was really unenthusiastic about it. i was meant to say "are you a hitman because you can hit me up anytime ;)" but i kept saying assassin insted of hitman. i was very upset none liked my pick up line. so i was going to a new school, i saw bruce wayne being bullied because someone grabbed his legs and he shoued "ect ect!" so the boy was laughing at him. we sat down for lunch and these people had a physical theater performance to show us, heath ledgers joker was part of the group and i saw him talking to *** and ******, he kepy doing the wrong moves. i started to paint him because i had a big crush on him. once it was over he came to our table and saw the paintings, he asked my friend if she drew them and she said yes. he asked to watch her paint but i didnt want her to ruin them so i resumed painting, he wanted to see the others but i was nervous so i said "no", he told me he hated it and punched me int the mouth so i ran inside the school. no one would help me. i found bruce and he asked what happened, he told me i could get a life home but i was nervous because in the dream i believed his parents died in a car crash so i was hoping not to die. then the next day at school bruce wanted to show me the secret computer lab, you had to walk through the boys changing rooms to get there. i saw i sign, before entering that said girls were aloud in if they were flying helicopter birds, bruce said it was fine that i wasnt. we reached the computer lab, bruce has to login his email was BruceWayne/, it was meant to be a maths game but it was just octodad, i didnt want to play"

dream three: 02'19

"i was at a school and ryan haywood was at the other end of the hall we turned and looked at each other, after a few moments of silence his body, including arms and legs turned into a stick figure and he made hauting "wooooooo" noises at me"

dream four: 14'19

"i was the guest host for a cooking show, my dish was radish filled with peanut butter, everyone loved it. i tried it in the dream. i can still remember the texture"

dream five: 09'20

"i was on holiday at a restauraunt that claimed to be 100% authentic mexican, everyone who owned it was irish however. i needed sunscreen and asked if anyone had some, a girl gave me hers to borrow, while using it i noted that it wasnt sunscreen just melted chocolate and caramel. i kept eating it until the girl asked for it back. the entertainment at the restauraunt was quite nice"

dream six: 27'20

"i was in this large ocean castle, we were all in a big banquet. i was with my friends sitting at a table but they all left and i was on my own. i went out side and i saw eric harris, in this dream we were friends im assuming because we knew each other. he asked me if i wanted to leave and i said yes, so he took me to a park and we went swimming. i went under the water but then realised i was caught in it, the water turned to mud. i was stuck suffocating in the mud for sometime but managed to get out. when i was out i noticed i was now in the swimming pool of an old hotel. i walked around and saw some people i know, friends, old friends. i found eric, he was mad and kept trying to steal my phone, i was like "but eric we have the same phone please stop" he didnt and i woke up"

dream seven: 11'20

"i was going to this world which has three different areas i decided to go to the towers, which was just an industrial area and whatnot. i was forced into a building and it was very dark, i was scared but i knew i had to make my way to an exit. there was this man, he had something and because it was so dark i couldnt see what it was but he was laughing in a sickening way, i managed to get onto a hanging piece of metal and hold on, he was below me and couldnt reach. i thought he left and i was about to get down but then my dad came and i was telling him to leave or get on the metal with me, he wouldnt and the man came back. he killed my dad and started eating him, i was really scared so i found a way onto a platform above and ran, i bumped into these people who said they were also trying to escape so theyd help me. we got caught by more cannibals, one of the women who tried helping me had a gun, so she started shooting at them but it was useless as they needed certain weapons to kill them. they took us off in a van and we drove away into another area of the world. they forced us, and some other people, to walk against this bigger group of who were leaving an underground area, they gave me a pink cleaver, i was not alone there were other people in the group that had weapons. when we started walking futher underground the people going the opposite way tried to attack us, but we had weapons and we stuck in a group. im unsure why we were opposed. after walking for sometime we reached an area and they told us to kill the people who werent in the group. i began walking around- i didnt find anyone. then a big tidal wave hit everyone and washed us out of the underground area. we realised the world was all fake and the water broke our connection to the world"

dream eight: 17'20

"me and a bunch of people were running from a forest fire, we decided that the only thing that wouldnt burn was the small areas of wheat, when we got there we realised the wheat was made of gold. a bunch of elves (lotr) and native americans came and told us they were the ones working together to make the golden wheat, they let us stay in a big wedding tent and taught us how to grow the golden wheat"

dream nine: 14'20

"i was walking in a park and this boy came up behind me and he was very short but, he took my hand and told me we were going out. i then however, realised that he was not short i was just wearing big platform boots, i actually went up to his stomach, thats how tall he was. i hugged him"